Tips for Effective Invoicing

Experts Guide To Effective Invoicing

Businesses tend to face trouble with invoicing and late payments from their clients from time to time. Not only does this slow down the payment cycle, but it also affects the business’s functioning, operations and often, its very survival. Here we have collated a few tips from experts that have been proven to work in…

Kredxionary Barter

#Kredxionary – Barter

Barter – Barter is paying for goods or services with other goods or services, instead of with money. It is often popular when the quality of money is low or uncertain due to high inflation or counterfeiting, when people are asset-rich but cash-poor, or when taxation/extortion by criminals is high. Please follow and like us:

7 Ways To Improve Your CIBIL Score

Video : 7 Ways To Improve Your CIBIL Score

CIBIL Score, an ominous term that makes even the most financially aware among us squirm in our seats. Maintaining a healthy credit score is vital to our financial well-being. The first credit information company in India, the Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) was established in 2000 and has since been the most popular credit…

Tips For Effective Invoicing

Infographic: 8 Tips For Effective Invoicing

All businesses, big and small, are no strangers to late payments from clients and face issues with invoicing. This not only elongates the payment cycles but can also leave businesses dry. To avoid such situations, here are a few tips on best practices for invoicing. Best Practices for Invoicing Processes 1 Automate invoicing Digitise invoices…